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      "You shall have 'em. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll send you a catridge and cap for every word you write about Maria."

      The messenger encountered the young General near by, limping along on a conscientious morning inspection of things about his post. He had been but recently assigned to the position, to employ him while he was getting well of his wound received at Chickamauga, and was making a characteristic effort to know all about his command. He had sent his staff on various errands, but had his Chief Clerk with him to make notes.

      "I am no master," Cadnan said wearily. "I am a slave."

      The elation of their recent victory subsided. Again the woods became ominously dark and gloomy, the soaking dampness very depressing. They huddled together to brace each other up.

      "Yes, sir," answered Billings, beginning to look very uncomfortable.

      "Let's go away," she whispered, half nervously and half angrily, "I hate standing here."



      "The Kunnel's shot. Look out for the Kunnel thar."