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      "Let me carry it to her," cried Flora to Greenleaf, rapturously clasping the letter and smiling heroically. "We can overtague them, me and my gran'mama! And then, thanks be to God! my brother we can bring him back! Maybe also--ah! maybee! I can obtain yo' generals some uzeful news!""Is there any reason under heaven why Anna Callender shouldn't go to bed and have glad dreams?"

      Norman stepped into the hut, his face lined with emotion, too agitated to speak for a moment.

      You will catch cold, he said; and that matters. As he spoke he took off his Norfolk jacket. Let me put this on? he said.Isnt it a pretty little place, missI beg your ladyships pardonmy lady? said Barker, as she took off Esmeraldas hat and jacket. Ive often heard of it, but Id no idea it was so beautiful. And its all the same all through. And theres a dairya tiny little place like a dolls house. And theres an orchard at the back, and some meadows with cows and a donkey in them. Ive unpacked some of your ladyships thingsIm sure I dont know where I shall put themand what will your ladyship wear this evening?

      Oh, believe in her still, Trafford! she sobbed.The pinioned girl tried to throw back her head and bring their eyes together, but Anna, through some unconscious advantage, held it to her shoulder, her own face looking out over the garden.


      Now Charlie trotted off again, and now galloped beyond hearing, while Mandeville's booted tread reascended to his wife's room. And now came Constance: "Nan, where on earth is Fl--? Oh, of course! News, Nan! Good news, Flora! The battery, you know--?"


      Trafford bowed his head.If any song is good which serves a lover's ends we need claim no more for the one that rose to Anna on the odors of the garden and drove her about the room, darting, clinging, fluttering, returning, like her own terrified bird above her in its cage.


      Not in the very least, he responded, promptly; so that you go with me. Youve only got to choose your place, from Greenlands icy mountains to Africs golden sands, and Im your man.