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      The pair rode slowly up to her, the gentleman bending slightly toward the lady, and talking in a low tone, she listening with eyes slightly downcast, and with a faint smile curving her proud lips. It was evident, even to Esmeralda, that they were absorbed in each other, and regardless of everything going on around them; and she was not surprised when both horses, ridden with a loose rein, started and reared at a dog which ran suddenly across the ride.

      Varley nodded.

      Varley started suddenly, as if awakening from the paralysis of anguish.I do not know. It is your place to find out. Have you searched for her?

      She spoke quite cheerfully: her face had never lost its color for a moment; her lips were smiling.

      He lifted the pillow to its proper position, and, thinking that he had finished, she leaned back; but he was smoothing the pillow, and she rested on his arm. An electric thrill shot through him, and his face went white; hers grew crimson, and she raised her head and looked at him.



      He paced up and down.


      Yes, said Norman, eagerly.